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Twin Room with air conditioning Accommodation in the Pyrénées

2 people 15 m2 2 single beds (90 x 200 cm) 1 bathroom Courtesy toiletries
Enjoy the serenity of this air conditioned, attractively-decorated room with large windows and good amenities.

Room Facilities

  • Free high-speed fibre optic Wifi
  • Flat-screen satellite TV with 60 channels
  • Two-way air conditioning (optional extra)
  • Free safety-deposit box
  • Phone wake-up service
  • Laundry service (optional extra)
  • Private bathroom with shower or bath
  • Courtesy toiletries
  • Hairdryer

Our best-rate guarantee is based on the hotel’s room rates indicated by reliable sources and which we update in real time.
When you click to book via our official website, you are booking directly via the hotel’s own reservation system. No commission is paid to any other party for this transaction.
When you book via our official website, you are guaranteed access to:
the best room rates
the last available rooms
bookings that involve no middlemen and no additional costs
instant processing of your booking
instant booking confirmation via secured payment
direct help from the hotel staff
the possibility of cancelling or changing your booking (see general terms and conditions)



We found no available rooms to match your search criteria. This could be for any of the following reasons:

The rooms are no longer available for the requested period.
The number of guests you indicated does not match the room capacity.
The promotion code you entered has expired or is not valid for your request.

For more details please contact the hotel directly, by telephone or email. Close
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